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Fostering Joy

What is Fostering Joy?

Joy is an intense, temporary feeling of positive emotion as a consequence of a just right fit between our identity and the moment we are experiencing.  At Hands & Voices we know what it means to be the family of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing.  Some days are overwhelming, we may feel alone and we are worried about what to do next without even knowing what the “next” thing might be.  But, we also know how important it is to celebrate our children and to see all the gifts that your child has to offer.  That is what we mean by Fostering Joy!

Research shows that where you focus your attention, you “re-wire” your brain. Whether it is through joyful meditations or creating moments or habits to think of joy - when you are purposeful to Fostering Joy you can cultivate kind attitudes towards yourself, others and your situations.

Parents who have used the Fostering Joy journal shared:

“When I started the journal I had a hard time putting a number to how much joy I was feeling, but I found myself smiling as I was writing in the book and in an environment where I typically wouldn’t be smiling.  It definitely raised my joy level”

“It was hard to journal when I first started, but the next day I honed in to the moments and by day 3 

there was so much more to share”

“There is no right or wrong way to this journal, make it your own”

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Fostering Joy Tip Sheets:
Fostering Joy Tip Sheets in different languages:
Webinar on Fostering Joy (30 minute):
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