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Hearing Assistive Technology

Remote Microphone System

Remote Microphone Systems take the sound of the microphone wearer’s voice and deliver it directly to the hearing aid or cochlear implant user’s device. This eliminates interruptions from background noise. These systems are used by both teachers and parents to help them best communicate with a child with hearing loss.

The Roger Touch Screen is a sturdy and easy to use device that is compatible with Phonak Hearing Aids, Oticon Hearing Aids, MED-EL Cochlear Implants, and Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implants. It can stream to multiple children with hearing devices in one class all at one time. Some devices require a “boot” or “receiver” or “RM sleeve” to be plugged into the bottom of the child’s hearing aid or implant for the streaming to work, while other devices can have the boot directly installed into the hearing aid or implant. It can transmit sound up to 15 to 40 meters (even through walls!) and holds a charge for 10 hours of constant streaming. A Roger is an excellent device for a child to use to hear a coach during a sporting event.


The Mini-Mic is used with Cochlear-Brand Implants, such as Kansos or N7s. It can only stream to one device at a time. If multiple teachers have different mini-mics to connect to the same child, the child needs separate programs for each teacher. Younger children also may need help putting their implants into streaming mode by pressing the buttons on their devices. It holds a charge for up to 10 hours and can transmit sound up to 82 feet. However, it cannot transmit a signal around a barrier, such as a wall.

The Oticon EduMic can be used with Oticon hearing aids. The teacher can wear the EduMic clipped to their shirt and their voice will stream directly to any children in the class who have Oticon hearing aids, following pairing process. Additionally, the EduMic can serve as a port for hearing aid boots if the child is in a class where the Roger touchscreen is already in place. In this scenario, the teacher wears the Roger, and the child wears the EduMic. It has a 20 meter transmission distance and holds a charge for 10 hours. It can transmit sound through wall barriers.

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