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Bone Anchored Hearing Devices

What is a bone anchored hearing device
  • A device that helps people hear who have problems with their outer or middle ear, but also have a normally-functioning inner ear

  • Some examples of conditions which may be treated with a BAHA: 

    • Malformation of external ear, ear canal, or middle ear

    • Chronic ear drainage 

    • Chronic ear infections (otitis media) 

    • Single Sided Deafness

toddler who has Down Syndrome with soft banded bone conduction hearing aid sitting in a metal bucket

Non-Surgically Implanted Bone Anchored Hearing Aid

  • Appropriate for all ages 

  • Held in place by a head band

  • Not as good audibility as the surgically-implanted BAHA

  • No risk of infection


Surgically Implanted Bone Anchored Hearing Aid

  • Only appropriate for ages 5 years and up

  • Best audibility

  • Held in place by a titanium post, surgically implanted into the skull 

  • Must keep post clean at all times to avoid infection

Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Manufacturers 

Click on the manufacturers logo to go to their website.

These devices come with several pediatric friendly accessories like colorful softbands or headbands, device covers, etc.  These accessories are sold by the manufacturer and can also be found on sites like Etsy.

Pronto bone conduction hearing aid colorful covers and stickers
multiple colored BAHA Soundarc

Illinois EHDI/Illinois Sound Beginnings does not endorse or evaluate the above mentioned product, service, or company, nor any of the claims made by them.

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